It’s no secret that kids love getting crafty. What better time to put those tiny skilled hands to great use than by creating special Valentine’s Day gifts for their friends and classmates! We’ve scoured the web for 10 delightful crafts kids can tackle (with a little adult help!) that are sure to be hit.

1. Melted Crayon Hearts
From: Heather Christo

Items Needed:
Silicone heart shape baking mold

Step 1: Peel a bunch of crayons and break into different size chunks. (Tip: If you place crayons in warm water, the wrap will come off easier)
Step 2: Place a silicone mold on a sheet pan (for Valentine’s Day a heart shape is perfect, but you can use any shape mold). Combine the crayon chunks into each heart mold. Be creative or deliberate about your colors:

Step 3: Bake the crayons at 230 degrees for 15 minutes
Step 4: Pull the melted crayon hearts out and let them cool. When they have completely cooled, pop them out. Repeat with the mold if you need more hearts!
Step 5 (optional): Package in a small clear bag with a simple note and message “You Colour My World!” for easy gifting


2. Valentine Heart Fish
From: Craft Morning

Items Needed:
2 pink paper hearts about the same size
1 big red tear drop shape
1 big googly eye
1 small skinny heart
Silver glitter

Step 1: Glue one pink heart on the front for the face and one on the back for the fish’s tail
Step 2: Glue the small red heart facing out to be the lips, and the googly eye on the face
Step 3: With a glue bottle, draw scales on the body part and sprinkle it with silver glitter


3. Valentine’s Bookmarks to Print and Colour
From: Carla Schauer Studio

Printable download here

Items Needed:
White heavy cardstock
Red card stock
Hole punch


Step  1: Print on heavy cardstock or watercolor paper
Step 2: Cut individually
Step 3: Glue on top of red cardstock
Step 4: Punch hole
Step 5: Tie pretty ribbon through hole


4. Cupcake Liner Cards
From: Urban Comfort

Items Needed:
Cupcake liners in assorted colors and sizes
Double-sided tape or quick-setting craft glue
Heart punch or template
Fine glitter
Pin backs or small, flat magnets
Plain cardstock
Ruler and craft knife (or a paper trimmer)
Valentine stamps
Ink pad

Step 1: Gather the middle of each cupcake liner and scrunch it up.  (The more you scrunch it up, the more of a ruffled effect you’ll get.)  Flatten the middle section with your fingertips.  Repeat for the last two, then layer the cupcake liners as shown, securing with double-sided tape or quick-setting glue.
Step 2: Punch a heart shape from cardstock and coat with glue.  Sprinkle with fine glitter and shake off excess. Set aside to dry.  When heart is dry, attach to the middle of the layered cupcake liners.
Step 3: Cut two strips of ribbon and glue to the back.  Notch the ends of the ribbon, if desired.  Finally, glue a pin back or small, flat magnet to the back of the layered cupcake liners.  Set aside to dry.
Step 4: Cut colored cardstock into 4×6-inch cards and stamp a Valentine sentiment along the bottom of the card.  Attach the cupcake liner pin (or magnet) to the card with double-sided tape.


5. Paper Bag Book
From: Rosina Huber


Items Needed:
3 paper bags
Different shaped hearts in various colours

Step 1: Stack the 3 paper bags on top of each other and fold everything in half
Step 2: Staple along the folded edges to keep everything together
Step 3: Measure the size of the pockets and cut cardstock accordingly
Step 4: Decorate the front and pages of the book with the different shaped hearts
Step 5: Write secret “love notes” on the card stock
Step 6: Cut ribbon a few inches in length Fold in half and staple to the middle right of each cardstock sheet to form a “pull”


6. Clothespin Airplane Valentine’s Card
From: Treasure in an Earthen Vessel

Items Needed:
Wooden Clothespins
Mini popsicle sticks for the tail wing and rudder (you will cut both ends off some of your mini popsicle sticks, for a tail rudder for each plane)
Medium/small ice cream sticks or medium sized popsicle sticks (I used the ice cream sticks) for the wings
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Spray paint and/or craft paint

Please follow detailed instructions here!


7. Heart Bouquet Card
From: Make and Takes

Items Needed:
White construction paper or card stock
Coloured paper
Glue dots or white glue

Step 1: Cut a big pile of hearts from the colored paper in various shapes and sizes, but small enough to fit quite a few on our card
Step 2: Add lots of doodles with a black pen on the heart cut outs. Or, you could use colored markers, stickers, or even glitter! Writing names, words, or lovey-dovey messages on the hearts would be fun, too
Step 3: Fold a piece of sturdy white paper in half to make a card
Step 4: Attach each heart to the card with a single glue dot (or a small dot of glue) in the center. This makes the hearts easy to overlap and arrange, plus it gives the card some interesting pop-up dimension. Continue filling in the top of the card with hearts for a full heart bouquet
Step 5: Use a marker to draw stems from the hearts downward
Step 6: For the finishing touch, tie a small piece of ribbon into a bow and attach to the drawn stems


8. Valentine’s Day Heart Crab
From: Craft Morning

Items Needed:
Red and white paper
Black marker

Step 1: Cut 6 little strips of paper for the legs, a heart shape body, eyes, and claws
Step 2: Glue the eyes and claws on the strips of red paper and glue it to the main body
Step 3: Finish him off with a smile and write “A pinch of love for you!”


9. Heart Bee Valentine Craft
From: Housing a Forest

Items Needed:
Yellow, black, white and red construction paper
Black Sharpie

Step 1: Start by cutting one large yellow circle and one small yellow circle.  You will also need 2 white hearts for wings and a bunch of red hearts just for fun.
Step 2: Add a few black strips of paper for stripes, antenna and a little stinger.  Googly eyes would also be cute
Step 3: Write a cute note on the back: “Will you Bee mine?”


10. Valentine’s Lips Sugar Cookie
From: Craft Morning

4 egg whites
1/2 C cream of tarter
1/2 C vanilla
4 1/2 C powder sugar
Red gel food coloring
2 disposable piping bags fitted with number 2 tip
1 squeeze bottles

Step 1: Using the standing mixer, combine the egg whites, cream of tarter, vanilla and powder sugar and mix until combined and stiff peaks form
Step 2: Scoop some icing into the piping bag and set aside
Step 3: Add in a few drops of the red food coloring into the remaining icing and mix until combined
Step 4: Scoop a small amount into the piping bag
Step 5: Add a few tablespoons of water into the icing still in the bowl to thin it out
Step 6: Pour icing into the squeeze bottle
Step 7: Using the red piping bag, pipe a outline around the top half of the cookies
Step 8: Fill in with the thinner red icing
Step 9: Let cookies dry overnight
Step 10: Using the piping bag, pipe an outline around the bottom half of the cookie
Step 11: Fill in and let dry completely
Step 12: Using the white icing, add the white detail onto the lips