April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day! And really, who doesn’t love these delicious easy-to-make sandwiches? They were definitely a favourite of mine growing up – and continue to be! What better way to partake in this wonderful day than by checking out these 10 awesome grilled cheese recipes that really do take an amazing spin on the old classic?

1. Antipasto Grilled Cheese

Oh yes, please! This one is pretty incredible. Go ahead, check it out here!
From: Delish


2. Roasted Poblano and Mushroom Grilled Cheese

This combo sounds ah-mazing! Certainly a must try for all the mushroom lovers. Get the recipe here!
From: The Food Network


3. Spicy Grilled Cheese

This recipe really kicks it up a notch!
From: All Recipes


4. Monterey Chicken Grilled Cheese

Chicken on a grilled cheese? Now we’re talking! Get the yummy recipe here!
From: Iowa Girl Eats


5. Smoked Gouda and Roasted Red Pepper Grilled Cheese

Looks and sounds really fancy, but here’s another delicious grilled cheese you can fry up quick and still look like super chef to your spouse and kids! Get the recipe here.
From: The Food Network


6. White Pizza Grilled Cheese

Could it get any better? Pizza and grilled cheese in one! Go on, check out the recipe here!
From: How Sweet Eats


7. Ratatouille Grilled Cheese

Oh, hello! Find this incredible grilled cheese recipe here.
From: The Woks of Life


8. Spinach and Artichoke Grill Cheese

This one is definitely geared more toward adult taste… and it does sound really tasty! Head on over here to get the recipe.
From: Emily Bites


9. Sweet Potato and Kale Grilled Cheese

Yes, please! This combination sounds oh so good. You can find the delicious recipe here.
From: Two Peas and Their Pod


10. Doughnut Grilled Cheese

Okay, this one is pretty darn creative! I never would have thought to use a doughnut in place of bread, but it does sound delish! Get the recipe here.
From: Taste Spotting

What’s your family’s favourite grilled cheese? Comment below!