With winter fast approaching, that means SNOWWW (for most of us anyways)! Whether it’s a little or a lot, there are so many fun family activities that can get you moving and grooving this winter…

  1. Learn to Skate (or skate on a local frozen pond or lake)

If you don’t already know how to skate, winter is a great time to learn. So lace up those skates and find a local frozen pond, lake or rink to practice your skills. Don’t forget with any skating activity, you have to have hot chocolate.

  1. Build a Snowman

After that first big snowfall, gather up the carrot nose, cookie eyes, banana mouth and buttons for your snowman. Build a snowman as a family or make a snowman family, in your yard, whether you make one or two, or a whole family, building snowmen together is a great way to build memories.

  1. Cozy up in front of the fire place for a Holiday Movie

Select your favorite holiday movie, round up all the blankets you can find, pop the popcorn and brew the hot chocolate. Spend some quality time with your family this winter, watching your favorite holiday movie on a cold winter night.

  1. Go Tobogganing

Put your snow pants, boots, mittens and hats on, because tobogganing is one of those activities that is a must this winter. Round up the sleds and find the BEST hill to race down, but remember when you’re finished, hot chocolate is always a good idea!

  1. Shovel the Neighbor’s Driveway

This winter, give back; help a neighbor out by shoveling their drive before they get home from work. Not only will you get the satisfaction of helping someone in need, but your neighbor’s day will be made, when they arrive home from work and don’t have to shovel their driveway after a long day of work.