Happy Spring everyone! This month we wanted to try something new and exciting. I’ve always loved the idea of a blog series (spending one month posting about one topic). There are so many broad topics that can be broken down into a variety of different messages, which is why I just love the idea of doing a blog series! Some of these topics can be serious, some helpful. This month, I wanted to take a ‘spiritual’ journey and look back and reflect on life.

Each stage of life brings us different challenges and new opportunities to grow. From childhood to teenager, teenager to adult, becoming a parent, etc. We spend a large part of our lives just learning that we sometimes forget all the progress we’ve done to get to where we are at today!

This month’s series is going to be called “What I Learned,” where we will reflect back upon different stages of our lives and reminisce about the lessons that we’ve learned. Some of you may be asking, why? Well, as our lives go on and we get older sometimes we forget about the good times of being a child and teenager. Not to mention, many of us could use a refresher on some of those childhood life lessons; I’m sure everyone knows an adult who seems to have missed the simple concept of ‘be nice.’

So, kick back and relax as we dive into this journey of life lessons and personal reflection. Enjoy!

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