12 Top Mommy (and Daddy!) Bloggers you need to follow

  1. Design Mom

Love design of all types?  Read the mom-perspective from an interior designer here.

  1. Science of Mom

Being a mom can come with worries about health and safety.  Choosing the right products and keeping your kids safe is hard work and often comes with mixed opinions.  This blogger presents the science-backed findings.

  1. Dad or Alive

Confessions of an unexpected stay-at-home dad

  1. World Moms Network

This blog unites women from around the world and gives perspectives from 60 contributing writers from more than 30 countries around the world.

  1. Founding Moms

Includes business and financial advice, was rated one of Forbes top 10 websites for entrepreneurs

  1. The Better Mom

A wholesome, Christian take on motherhood

  1. Poppin Bottles Dad Cast

2 dads talk about their lives and podcast with special guests

  1. Single Moms Planet

Empowering, well-dressed and take-charge, this blog unites single mothers and not-so-single mothers alike.

  1. The Rebel Mama

Real, naughty, and exhilaratingly honest, this blog gives an honest and cool approach to mom life.

  1. The UN Mumsy Mum

Your average mom with a touch of British humour.

  1. Vidya Sury

This blog asks “Did you smile today?” – a mindful motherhood blog from a top Indian writer.

  1. Pregnant Chicken

Laugh-out-loud funny, a fun way to talk about pregnancy woes