It can be tricky coming up with great gifts for teachers around the holidays so we’ve done some brainstorming here at Lovable Labels to help! No more chocolates! No more “I HEART Teacher” mugs!  Here is our list of the top ten items we think are not only creative but are thoughtful and will not break the bank!

1. Help Wanted: A hand written offer to help your teacher organize their classroom after the winter break.  Offer to move and arrange furniture, organize supplies, remove holiday decorations, etc. Believe me, I am not a teacher but having someone offer to come in and help you clean anything sounds like a dream come true!

2. Snap it: A photograph of everyone in the class, signed by all the students as a memory. You could even do a DIY picture frame with signatures from the class on the frame.

3. A written thank you card: For most teachers, the most rewarding gift is knowing they’ve made a difference. Let them know you appreciate them and say thank you. Make sure to include your child in the process to make it a teachable “gratitude” moment.

4. A Lunch Kit: A lot of teachers bring their lunch to school so having a nice lunch bag with reusable containers and cutlery is a useful and a thoughtful gift. They will think of you every time they use it!

5. Go Green:  A beautiful plant will always brighten up a winter’s day! Be creative with the pot by hand painting it with your child.

6. School Supplies: Most teachers buy their own supplies. I know right?! Simple things like Band-Aids paintbrushes, bookmarks, nice pencils, go a long way!

7. Coffee anyone?  A mini espresso maker or coffee press they can use at school when they really need that hit of caffeine. This may seem a little extravagant but these days you can buy a one-serve very very inexpensively.

8. Baked Goodies! Who doesn’t love something homemade, especially if it includes chocolate?! Bring in some of your favorite homemade cookies and treats wrapped up in a nice festive tin.

9. Gift Certificates: This is by far the most popular teacher gift. You really can’t go wrong with a gift card or certificate. Some of the teachers’ favourite gift cards include Chapters, Starbucks, restaurants, malls, spas and movies.

10. Labels: This is a shameless plug but at the same time I do not know one teacher who does not love or at least appreciate labels! Here are two of my all-time favs that I know any teacher would love: Book Worm Labels: personalize them with the teachers name so their books always find their way back. (You can even include some of your favorite books with this for the teacher’s classroom library. Slimline Labels: these are skinny labels that are perfect to keep track of everything from staplers, to scissors and glue sticks that always seem to go missing.

We love and appreciate teachers everywhere! We are so thankful that there are many phenomenal teachers out there! We know that they work exceptionally hard and are not acknowledged for their efforts as often as they should be. So, to teachers everywhere, from the bottom of our hearts – thank you for everything you do!