The holiday season can be crazy busy with family and friend gatherings, work social parties, special events and don’t forget the endless amounts of shopping! It can be so easy to get off track during the holiday season and leave things till the last minute. That is why I have devised a list of must-haves for this holiday season in order to stay organized!

  1. Calendar

Have a calendar in your kitchen or office that outlines every gathering, event or to-do. Include details on your calendar such as time and place, what you need to bring or buy and how you plan to get home (if you plan on drinking). This will help you plan out every little detail so you don’t forget the item you are supposed to bring or the gift you forgot to buy.

  1. Make a List

Grocery list, gift list, and to-do lists are all examples of lists that will help you stay on top of things this holiday season. These will also help you make less tips to the grocery store and mall, you won’t be forgetting the butter for those cookies you have to make or forget to get a Starbucks gift card for the dog walker.

  1. Plan Ahead

If you need to make cookies to bring to two gatherings and have numerous family members and friends to shop for this holiday season, plan ahead. Bake all the cookies in advance, pop them in the freezer in premade trays/ containers and pull them out a couple hours before the gathering. To tackle your long shopping list, pick a day/ evening o tackle it in one go, write a list of each item or person you need to shop for and the places you need to go, this will make it easier to hit all stores and check off everyone on your list.

Remember the holiday season is busy and can run you down faster than you think, so don’t forget to take time for yourself.