We are in the midst of a snow storm and today has been declared a Snow Day. What better excuse to have some fun outdoors?! Here are some simple and fun outdoor winter activities that my family and I are trying out:

Snow Toss
Roll a small amount of snow into a ball. Try to throw and catch the snowballs. Throwing gently is the key!

Snow Castles
Castles can be made from digging and piling up “packing snow” or making snow bricks. Fill pails with snow. Pack the snow and turn upside down. Pile the bricks to make the castle. Having your beach sand toys makes this easy and super fun for little ones!

Snow Mazes
Perfect after a fresh snowfall like today! Walk around in different directions in the yard. Create a pattern and go back over each other’s steps.

Snow Mountain 
Collect snow and try to make the highest mountain!

Snow Person
An old-time favourite! Roll to large snowballs to make the body. Roll a smaller ball for the head. Help your snow person come alive by decorating with a scarf, hat carrot, etc.

Snow Angels
Lie in the snow and face the sky with your arms and legs apart. Move your arms and legs in and out and then get up and see your angel.

Now off to find my snow-pants! Hope you and your family get a chance to get out today and have some old fashion fun!