Pumpkin Tools You Can’t Carve Without

Ever find yourself trick-or-treating on Halloween and wondering to yourself, how do people carve their pumpkins so perfectly?  We’ve discovered that it’s all in the tools! Don’t struggle with dull kitchen knives and sharpie covered pumpkin drawings this year – try out these pumpkin tools you can’t carve without!

Keyhole Saw – Flexible blade + sharp teeth = beautiful curves on your pumpkin. Great for cutting out the lid of your jack-o-lantern!  Find it at your local hardware store.

Miniatures Saws – These little saws sit on the end of a metal handle and are ideal for cutting out irregular shapes. Pick yours up at your nearest hobby shop.

Hole Cutter – These are typically used for clay pottery, but make the most perfect circular holes on your pumpkins. They come in a variety of sizes and can be purchased from art stores.

Power Drill – Use to create small holes for patterns or accents as part of your design.

Cookie Cutters – Carve out perfect shapes using metal cookie cutters from your stash at home.

Melon Baller – Use to create crater-like circles on the outside of your pumpkin, a very cool effect!

Another option, you could pick up a great professional pumpkin carving tool kit!  We like the one from Halloween Haunters which retails for about $20. OR take carving to the next level by picking up the Grampa Bardeen’s Pumpkin Carving Kit at Lee Valley, $60.