Did you know that Lovable Labels provides fundraising opportunities?  It’s true!  Partner with us and receive commissions for your school or organization. Why us? Glad you asked!

  1. It’s Profitable – We give back 20% of sales back to our fundraising partners!
  2. It’s Easy – All you do is fill out the form to join, and we do the rest! We will customize promotional materials and send them to you. We give you all the materials you need, including samples to show your families.
  3. It’s Free – Shipping and all materials are provided free of charge.
  4. It’s Useful – Our labels will help your families keep organized, and help keep items out of your lost and found bin. You’ll be providing a product that families will be thankful for!

Here’s what our friend at Grimsby Cooperative Preschool said about the program:

“Wonderful and easy fundraiser!  Products are top quality and not only a hit with the students, but USEFUL for parents!  Thanks for all your help in making my first fundraiser a success!”

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