Things have changed over the last decade. Parents have more options and kids have way more alternatives to messy, dye-heavy, old-fashioned arts and crafts. My kids have sensitivity to many dyes and paints, so it’s not always easy to find “safe” art materials. This year, I opted to search for dye-free Easter decorating – even egg free! And how could I resist these faces?

On a regular day at the grocery store – of all places – I came across this amazing allergen-free, no mess, no stress, no eggs, and NO dye egg decorating kits for kids!

So, what are they? This kit comes with foam eggs along with child-safe chalk paint! It allows my kids to be free of dyes, avoids all possibility of cracking the egg (my kids have a heavy hand), and they can be as creative as many times as they want since it’s easy to erase and start again! The best part is: you can reuse them. The price, you ask? These kits range from $6 – $10 each, and you can store them away to be reused year after year!