New School Jitters: How to help Your Kids Transition to their new school

The first day back at school is always a little nerve-wracking, but it can be even harder for kids that are starting fresh at a new school.  Here are some ideas to help make the transition a little easier.

  1. Keep an Open Line of Communication

Starting at a new school can be a little scary at first until your child makes friends. Asking how they are doing and what their fears are lets them know that you care, allows them to vent their feelings, and allows you a chance to comfort them and give advice.  It also allows you to keep track of how the transition is going.

  1. Be Organized

Making sure that your child is prepared with a lunch, school supplies, and is on time, will give them less to worry about and make it easier for them.  Taking a tour of the new school before the first day will make them feel more prepared.  You can also trace the steps they will take in getting to school, whether it be the route they will walk or the drive they will take on the bus.

  1. Get them Involved

Register them in extracurricular activities.  This will keep them busy and allow them to meet people while having fun, as well as get to know the new community.  You can also try to get to know other parents in your community and set up play dates.

  1. Stay in Touch

Let your kids keep in touch with old friends.  It will allow them to realize they aren’t losing their friends, they’re gaining an opportunity to make new ones.  It will also give them the comfort of the familiar.

Life isn’t always easy, but being a supportive parent will help your kids know you are always there for them.  Have you had to start your kids over at a new school?  What made it easier for them?