Last Chance Memory Makers: How to make sure your kids had an unforgettable summer!

Just like that, summer is coming to an end.  Where did the time go?  Did your kids get their fill?  Here are some easy activity ideas to make sure you get in those last minute summer memories:

Outdoor Play: Check out a National or Provincial park.  Being outdoors is what summers all about.  If you didn’t get to go camping, this is the next best thing.

Bikes and Trikes:  Take your kids out on their bikes, roller skates, or skate boards.  I know one of my fondest memories of my dad is when he taught me to ride a bike!

Water Play:  Don’t have a pool or lake close by?  No problem!  Go old-school with a hose, play in the sprinklers, or fill up some water balloons!

Star-Gazing:  Take your kids outside on a clear night and point out the dippers.  You can even bring sleeping bags or blankets outside to make it extra fun.

Marshmellow Melting:  Have you seen our post “Easy to make S’Mores at home”?  You don’t need a campfire for S’mores.  Try the recipe here!

Outdoor Eating:  Eating just about anything outside spells summer, and it saves you from cleaning up the mess!  Take popsicles, grapes, watermelon, just about anything outside to eat.

Get Dirty:  Go for a nature walk or walk to your nearest playground.  You can encourage your kids to collect anything; rocks, leaves, pine cones, whatever is around!  Why not let them get a little dirty while they’re at it?

You don’t need to spend money to give your kids an amazing summer!  Hopefully some of these ideas inspire your family.  What other activities say SUMMER to you?  Share your ideas in the comments!