Sticking with an exercise routine can be difficult. But for parents, finding time to squeeze in a little workout can seem impossible at times. Take a look at these tips and tricks on how to find time to get in that daily exercise!

Take advantage of nap time

The dishes can wait. Take this time to do a quick light weight circuit. Even if it is short, some activity is better than none!

Get moving with your kids

Take out that jogging stroller and bring your child along for the jog! Or, if you have older kids take a nice stroll around your neighborhood – it’s important to keep them active as well!

Take the kids for a bike ride

This is great cardio for both you and the kids. Enjoy the outdoors and go on a family bike ride!

Exercise in front of them

Do some jumping jacks, planks, and crunches during playtime! This way you can keep an eye on them while working out.

Join a gym with childcare

There’s a lot of gyms that offer childcare while parents are working out! If it’s in your budget, this is a great way to get in a full workout while your child is being looked after.

Workout from home

Again, if it is in your budget, purchase some gym equipment for your home. Even if it’s just a few weights, it is a great way to work up a sweat! OR watch free workout videos online – take a look at Yoga with Adriene.

Join a Mommy & Me or Stroller Fit class

These are huge! These classes are a great for a full body workout that includes cardio drills, strength training, and power walks. They’re also a great way to meet fellow moms!

It’s important to exercise daily, these are just a few tips and tricks on how to fit exercise into your schedule while the kids are home. Comment below on how you find time to work out!