Games aren’t just for kids — adults love them too! On “Family Day” grab your family and friends and challenge them using these fun and active winter game ideas!

Marble Garbage — Team members must find a marble in a garbage bag full of snow using snowmobile gloves.

Dogsled Pull — Each team must pull each member on a toboggan around an obstacle course. Those pulling are the “dogs”. Build the obstacle course using snow, pylons, etc.

Fore! — Try snowshoe golf events using tennis balls, hockey sticks, and plastic bowls or cups as fun alternatives to the summer fairway.

Ski Relay — Team members wear ski boots and skis. Each team relays a tennis ball on a spoon. Variation: wear snowshoes, relay ice cubes.

Snowman-making Contest — The participant or team that builds the fastest snowman wins.
Variation: A best-dressed snowman contest.

Over and Under Snowball Relay — Each team makes snowballs and puts them in a pail. Pass the snowballs one by one through the first person’s legs, then over the second person’s head, etc., until the snowball reaches the second pail at the end of the line. If the snowball is broken, use the next snowball from the pail. The team with the most snowballs in the second pail wins! Variation: Use ice cubes instead of snowballs.

Do you have other “non-lame” winter games that you play with your family? We would love to hear them! Happy Family Day!