Family nights are the perfect way to spend some time with the family and forget (or attempt to!) about chores or stress. It should be a reminder of how important family is. What better way to feel connected than to do some fun activities together! Here are three simple and creative indoor activities that are super fun and won’t break the bank:


Set up tents and sleeping bags in the living room (or just make forts) and sleep there overnight. Want s’mores but not into having a campfire in your living room? Make a s’mores party mix! Combine mini graham crackers, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips in a bowl.


Charades, board games – you name it. Declare a no-screen day and actually spend some time together! Let the kids take turns picking a game for the whole family to play, or resurrect forgotten (or never-learned!) card or board games.


Get together in the kitchen and make something fun and easy such as cookies or brownies. Give everyone a job so everyone can help in his or her own way. Need some ideas? Check out our “cooking with kids” post:

Can’t go on vacation? Do the next best thing and pretend! Put on your beach clothes, shades and some Caribbean music and have a beach party! Trust me, the kids will remember this as a fun family memory forevvvvver!