This year, Earth Week is celebrated from April 16th to the 22nd. It is a week-long celebration to raise awareness and respect for our planet to create a healthier environment. It’s time for you to be a superhero and follow these simple tips on how to reduce your environmental footprint!

  1. Skip bottled water – use a reusable bottle!
  2. Bring your own grocery bags – plastic bags can take anywhere from 15 to 1000 years to decompose! Use reusable grocery bags to avoid plastic waste.
  3. Use a cloth rag – ditch your paper towels and use a cloth rag to clean. You’ll save paper and money!
  4. Minimize driving – make a pact with a co-worker to carpool or set a goal to walk and/or bike more.
  5. Use a coffee tumbler – make your morning routine more eco-friendly…purchase a reusable coffee tumbler!
  6. Unplug your appliances – did you know: if your appliances are plugged in, they’re still using energy even if they are off? Unplug unused appliances to minimize power consumption.
  7. Recycle – this is one of the more simple tips! Instead of throwing your recyclable items in the trash, put them in their designated recycling bin!
  8. Compost your food waste
  9. Use cold water – Heating hot water accounts for about 90% of the energy your machine uses to wash clothes! Wash in cold water and hang them to dry.
  10. Energy efficient appliances – consider purchasing certified energy efficient appliances, or even switch to LED light bulbs.
  11. Turn off the lights – when you leave a room, turn off the lights!

Every single one of us holds the fate of our planet in the palm of our hands. If we all followed two of these tips, our planet will be a much healthier place for future generations. Comment below any tips you may have to reduce your environmental footprint!