DIY Holiday Wreath

Mixing medals in home décor is very hot this year. Why not carry that trend out to your front door by combining silver and gold to create this DIY holiday wreath! This is a non-traditional take on the holiday wreaths we’ve grown used to – but still packs charm with its glitter, cedar branches and poinsettias.  I chose grey and pink as the accent colours because they mirror what’s to come beyond my front door inside my home, but feel free to chose which ever colours will best suit your own home.

Items needed:

  • 16” Styrofoam ring
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Plyers
  • 1 – 2.5” thick x 25’ silver ribbon
  • 1 – 1.5” thick x 6.7’ light pink ribbon
  • 1 – 1” thick x 12’ gold shag ribbon
  • 2 – faux cedar branches
  • 4 – faux poinsettias (2 grey and 2 light pink)
  • 1 – faux white/ silver leaf branch

Step 1: Begin by wrapping the 2.5” ribbon around the Styrofoam ring. Use hot glue as necessary to ensure ribbon is securely attached. Once fully wrapped, cut excess.

Step 2:  Cut the 1.5” pink ribbon into 7 – 8” pieces (this size is sufficient to wrap around the Styrofoam ring with just enough space to glue on the underside). Do the same with the 1” gold ribbon.

Step 3: Wrap the 7 pink ribbons to the Styrofoam ring, spaced approximately 4” apart and glue. Then, glue the gold ribbons centered on top of the pink ribbon.

Step 4: Using plyers, cut the faux cedar branches into pieces with 2-3 stems each. (This will make it easier to fan out the branches and create a fuller look when you begin gluing.)

Step 5: Glue the faux cedar branches by beginning at the middle bottom of the Styrofoam ring and work your way out to one side with the branch facing up and stem pointing to the bottom of the ring. Allow greenery to overlap and intertwine. When once side is done, go back to the middle bottom and work your way out on the other side. The top 1/3 of your Styrofoam ring will remain branchless and should now look something like this:

Step 6: Using plyers, cut poinsettia stems off.

Step 7: Glue pink poinsettias tight and close together on top of the faux cedar to the middle most bottom of the ring. Allow leaves to overlap.

Step 8: Glue 1 grey poinsettia to either side of the pink poinsettias. Allow leaves to overlap.

Step 9: Using plyers, cut the white/ silver leaf branch into pieces with 1-2 stems.

Step 10: Glue the white/ silver leaf branches as you find most appealing. I chose to glue these between the pink and grey poinsettias.

Once you’re done, proudly hang your new, hand-crafted wreath on your front door for all your neighbours to admire!

Have you created your own DIY wreath and have a few tips to share? Comment below!