I absolutely love hand crafting cards for friends and family! Not only is it less expensive than buying fancy cards at the store, it also adds an element of whimsy that is sure to wow the lucky person receiving it. Below are the detailed steps of one of my favourite type of cards to create which combines shiny cardstock and ribbon.

Items needed:
1 – 12” x 12” dark blue cardstock
1 – 12” x 12” light blue cardstock
1 – 11 x 8.5” medium blue cardstock
1 – white ribbon (thick)
1 – light blue ribbon (thin)
Adhesive birthday graphics
Elmer’s permanent glue spots

Step 1:
Begin by cutting the dark blue cardstock in half (12” x 6”). You will only need one of the pieces, this will be the base of your card:

Step 2:
With one of the 12” x 6” dark blue pieces measure and mark the folds as follows, making sure to cut off the last 1.5 inches:


Step 3:
Fold the 2 areas marked:


Step 4:
Cut the light blue card stock in half (12” x 6”). Again, you will only need one of the pieces:

Step 5:
With the 12” x 6” light blue piece, measure and cut a 6” x 3.5” piece:


Step 6:
With the 6” x 3.5” light blue piece, attach 3 glue dots along one of the 6” sides:

Step 7:
Once the glue dots are attached, place the 6” x 3.5” light blue piece underneath the smallest flap on the dark blue cardstock as tight as possible and push together to ensure glue dots attach to both cardstock:


Step 8:
Lift the edge of the top blue card stock and add 3 more glue dots:

Step 9:
Wrap white ribbon around the card where the light and dark blue cardstocks meet, making sure to leave a bit of extra length before cutting (it will be just over 12”). Repeat with the light blue ribbon:

Step 10:
Attach 1 glue dot to the end of the white ribbon and stick on top of where the light and blue cardstocks meet:

Step 11:
Wrap ribbon around and attach 1 glue dot to the other end of the white ribbon before sticking to the card. Ensure ends of the ribbon align with each other!

Step 12:
Repeat steps 9-11 by adhering the light blue ribbon on top of the white ribbon. Once complete, it will look like this:

Step 13:
Cut a 3.5” x 3.5” square from the medium blue cardstock and attach your choice of birthday graphic. I used a birthday cake from the Martha Stewart collection, but feel free to use any items you have on hand! Then attach 2 glue dots to the top corners of the 3.5” x 3.5” square:

Step 14:
Flip the 3.5” x 3.5” square over and attach to the front center of card, on top of the ribbon. Slightly lift toward bottom and place 2 more glue dots underneath, adhering to the light blue cardstock:

Step 15:
Your card is complete! If you’d like to take it a step further, you could find some pretty fonts online and print off a special message to attach inside your card. I decided to trace a fancy shape and leave it blank so I could hand write a personal message for the special person I will give it to!