Chicken Soup for the Soul – Rookie Style

We have all heard inspirational quotes that have affected our lives. Some have struck a chord inside us that we’ve memorised and continue to live by. I am often intrigued by other people’s life stories and the lessons they learned along the way. The best motos I’ve heard tend to come from the people closest to me so I thought it would be fun to share some of those with you today. These are raw words, no fancy rhymes, just words from the heart – hence the “rookie style” title. We hope you enjoy them and that they may bring you the same comfort or clarity as they have for us


If nothing else, always be kind. This does not mean not standing up for yourself or for what you believe.  This is not a trait of weakness but a trait of strength. There is no better way to show good character and strength of who you are by showing kindness and leadership – even in the face of unpleasant situations.

Be the best “you”. You are unique in how you see the world, how you interpret your life and the space around you; how you interact with others and how you live each and every day. No one can be you and you cannot be someone else. Make a conscious decision every morning to be the best possible you. From the smallest things like smiling at someone even if you are feeling down to going out of your way to make someone else feel special. These are the things that will shape you and not only make you the best version of yourself but inspire others around you to do the same.


Dream big! Remember when you were a child and you genuinely thought anything was possible? Nothing has changed. Whatever you dream of still is possible. And, now that you are grown you have the capabilities to make it all happen!

Count your blessings, always. It is normal to feel upset or that the odds are stacked against you when life gets difficult and things aren’t going as planned. Still, count your blessings. No matter how bad it seems in the moment, recognize that it could always be worse. Appreciate all you the good in your life that you’ve been blessed with.

“The days are long but the years are short.” New parents have all heard this, right? Well, it could not be more true in the lives of people with young children! One moment you’re crying on the sofa because your three-month-old isn’t sleeping through the night and you feel like you haven’t slept in years; or you’re sobbing because your two-year old isn’t fully potty-trained and you’ve literally spent the entire day cleaning up little accidents all over the house; or you’re frustrated and in tears again because your five-year old has this newly developed ‘bad attitude’ and you’re seriously questioning whether you’ve officially failed as a parent. Let this be a reminder that no, you have not failed! Take it all in. You are raising a beautiful, well-rounded human being who will one day go off into the world on their own. And in that moment, you will again be in tears over their independence thinking “where did the time go?”


When I was young I would always count the days leading towards an upcoming holiday, trip, or any special event that I was looking forward to. I never thought there was anything wrong with this until my dad explained the quote “live everyday as if it were your last.” These words have stuck with me since. He educated me on the importance of not counting down the days towards that holiday, or trip, or special occasion. He encouraged me not to rush through my life and made clear how important it is to cherish both the good and bad moments that each day brings. Ultimately, he taught me to live every day to its fullest potential.

Do what you love. Life is too short to stick with something that doesn’t make you truly happy. You have the ability to change the path that life is taking you on to achieve the ultimate goal of happiness.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Not one person is made the same as the next – you were made you for a reason.

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Learn from your mistakes, don’t dwell on them, and move on.