They’ve seen you at your best and your worst.

Living in a cabin with someone for weeks at a time brings out many different sides of people that you had no idea existed, but sometimes that makes you love them even more.

They’ve got your back.

Remember when you snuck into the dining hall together to steal brownies from cookout? Your camp friends assisted on all covert operations and never gave up a name.

They’ve accepted your craziness.

You have sung horrible songs in the craziest way possible during campfire, and let’s not even get to your dancing skills! They accepted that you are a total weirdo, and they still love you!
They give the best encouragement.

Summer camp is a great time to try something new but sometimes things like rock climbing, wake boarding or jumping off a rock into the water can be downright scary! Friends screaming encouraging words make it easier to make that daring move!

The inside jokes are endless.

Remember “Birthday Ball” or “Sippy Cup Suck Off”? Chances are you don’t know what I mean but your camp friends will understand them!