Back to School 2017: Kids Fashion Trends

Send your kids back to school in style! The number one trend across the board for kids fashion right now is dress them like a grown up! No need for princesses and cutesy characters, bring out the big girl and big boy stuff!

1. Denim
Denim is always a wardrobe staple. Right now, there’s a lot of ripped jeans, baggier cut-offs, and jean jackets. Make hand me downs cool by rolling them at the bottom and showing some ankle.

2. Sneakers
Converse-style shoes and hightops are big. They’re great for running around on the playground, and give an edgy rockstar look to any outfit.

3. Handmade
Small businesses and handmade items are a big deal right now. Handmade often means quality items that not everybody has. Websites like Etsy make it easy to get unique and adorable kids stuff – and it’s fun to shop!

4. Genderless
Genderless baby names are trending, and this goes for kids clothing too! Think neutral colours, plain tees, stripes, jean and athletic gear. Hand-me downs stretch further with this trend too!

5. Organic
People are becoming more aware of what goes into the clothing that they wear, and how they’re made. Organic is going mainstream, with companies like H&M boasting organic cotton fabric. Not only is this good for the earth, but it’s easier on your child’s skin! Check out Ollie Jones for inspo!

6. Nature
Another trend seen in baby names and in fashion is Nature. Animals and plant prints are huge! You’ll see a lot of animal icon t-shirts and leggings with prints featuring leaves, trees, and clouds.

When it comes down to it, kids are going to get messy, and the most important thing is often comfort! If your kid can be active and is confident in their appearance, they will be ready to take on the world.