If you’re an on-the-go parent like most and have an itch to workout but can’t seem to find enough hours in a day, now, with only 7 minutes a day to spare using this app can help you work out anytime and anywhere with your iPhone or iPod.

The 7 Minute Workout Challenge app is backed up by peer-to-peer research and is designed to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle. Forget the 21-day fix which requires a whole 20 minutes or so – because you can transform your body within only 7 minutes a day. This sounds too good to be true, but worth a shot.

How does it work?

It takes you through 12 exercises that have been research-approved and can be performed in seven minutes. This research claims these exercises will achieve the equivalence of an entire one hour workout. The only caveat? You must give it your all – so shake what your momma gave you to no end and don’t stop (or at least it recommends you don’t) for seven minutes straight of high-intensity. I suppose this challenge is like a circuit workout; except in this case, it’s one circuit per day.

What does the app provide?

  • Complete video and audio instruction by male and female instructors (included in the app, no internet connection is necessary)
  • Images and text direction
  • Step-by-step guide that tells you when to rest and when to perform a given exercise
  • Weight tracking that helps you visualize your progress (key to staying motivated)
  • Calendar logging records all of your workouts that you can see at a glance
  • Awards and achievements that can be unlocked the more you workout
  • Regularly updated to include feature requests from our valued members

Another cool feature is that it not only instructs you along with the workout, but it also acts as a motivating friend keeping you encouraged and pumping along the process.

I haven’t tried this app, but I have tried the 21-day fix, circuit training, and anything else under 30 minutes a day that claimed “fast” results. If you ask me, I think the results had more to do with increasing activity and decreasing the amount I put into my body such as food.

Now… to find 7 minutes in a day… that still remains a challenge itself!

I’d love for you guys to give this app a try and let me know how it works for you. Have any of you already tried this app, or any other one of these 7-10 or 20 minute a day workouts? Please share!