Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we always like to get a little something for our child’s teachers as they do so much! Valentine’s Day is not about giving huge extravagant gifts but spreading a little love feels great, so we’ve gathered some great gift ideas to give to the awesome teachers in your child’s lives!

Bath Soaps and Candles
One can only imagine how badly a teacher needs to relax and unwind after a long day of noisy and active children. Some luxurious bath soaps and relaxing scents would definitely not go to waste in the hands of a teacher!

Restaurant and Movie Gift Cards
Treat your fav teacher to their next night out to a dinner and a movie with their pals or significant other – teachers like to have fun too and you can never go wrong with gift cards! You can make this gift extra special by making a personalized photo gift card holder!

Personalized Labels from Lovable Labels
Yes, this may sound a little bias but what teacher doesn’t love to keep organized! We offer a variety of Multi-Purpose Labels to keep their items from getting “mixed up” with their fellow teacher friends as well as Organization Labels to decorate the classroom and help keep it neat and tidy!

Valentine’s Day Jar via Princess Pinky Girl
This DIY Valentine’s themed mason jar filled with Valentine’s candy makes a sweet and inexpensive gift.

Here’s what you need:
• 1 clean mason jar
• Vinyl or stickers
• Stencils
• Paint
• Scrap fabric
• Ribbon/string
• Sand paper (optional)
• Scissors
• Gift tag – free printable here
• Sweet treats of your choice

1. Trace Valentine’s themed stencils onto vinyl and cut out. Place cut outs onto jar (the vinyl makes it really easy to remove from jar) OR you can use Valentine’s themed stickers.
2. Tip the jar upside down and paint the whole thing – you can use chalk paint or spray paint.
3. Remove vinyl or stickers.
4. OPTIONAL: If you want the jar to look a bit worn and antique, you can use sand paper and rough up the edges a little bit.
5. After the paint is dry, fill jar with some sweet treats.
6. Print and cut out gift tag. Use a puncher to make a hole in the tag and thread string or ribbon through it.
7. Cut enough fabric to cover the top of the jar. Tie the ribbon and tag around the jar lid.

Classroom Supplies Gift Basket via Glued to my Crafts
Many teachers pay out of their own pocket to gather classroom supplies for their students – so why not give something to them that the whole classroom can benefit from! Check out this DIY Classroom Supplies Gift Basket with an added flare!

• Free printable gift tags (download here)
• Hole punch
• String
• Various coloured cardstock
• Hole punch or scissors
• Tape
• School supplies (glue, highlighter, Sharpies, markers, pencils, ruler)
• Gift basket

1. Download and print the free gift tag printable
2. Trim out each gift tag – optional: adhere to some scallop cardstock pieces for an added flare
3. To attach the tags to the school supplies, either tape them on or simply punch a hole on the top of the gift tag and tie it to the packages with string
4. Place the supplies into gift basket

Supplies each tag can go along with:
• “You’re so sharp” – Sharpies, pencils or pencil sharpener
• “You rule” – ruler
• “You are remark(er)able” – markers
• “You are just “write” for me” – pencils, pens
• “You are the highlight of my day” – highlighters
• “Stuck on you” – glue sticks, tape