To choose the best size Christmas tree for your space, begin by measuring the height of your ceiling. A good rule of thumb is to select a tree that is 6-12 inches shorter than your ceiling height. This will allow enough room for your fancy tree topper!

Pull out your ornament boxes and go through what’s inside. They’ve been packed away for nearly a year and a few items might have suffered some damage! Toss – or repair – any ornaments that have broken. If you have built a large collection of ornaments over the years, consider which style/ theme you would like to dress your tree up in this year and stick to that theme! Mismatching everything you’ve ever bought can get quite overwhelming.

Now it’s time to call over your little helpers! This is a very magical time of year for children and if you have kids at home you know that tree decorating is yet another one of their amazing talents!

Step 1: Hang Lights
Tree lights come in green or white wire strands. Choose the colour that matches your tree so they blend in. Start from the bottom and work your way up hanging lights around every branch weaving from the trunk to the tip and back.

Step 2: Add Tree Garland
Mix in different styles including thicker fancy ribbon and plain thin beads for a well-rounded look. Start at the top and work downward.

Step 3: Hang Ornaments
Showcase your favourites by hanging them in prime positions first. Then, space out large ornaments evenly around the tree. Next, fill the tree in with smaller ornaments and be sure to hang some ornaments closer to the trunk.

Step 4: Hang Specialty Items
Finish dressing your tree by adding clip-on ornaments and icicles throughout. Then, add your tree topper – youngest person in the house gets this job!

Step 5: Tree Skirt
Don’t forget to add the skirt! This ties the whole look together and makes a nice resting space for all the wonderful gifts that will soon fill in.

Ta-da! Step back and enjoy your wonderful Christmas tree!


What are your favourite Christmas decoration themes? Comment below!