It’s starting to feel “spring-like” outside so one of the things I love to do is bring that feeling indoors! I love to do this with beautiful colourful flowers! Here are 5 easy steps to arranging flowers to make them look pretty and make you look like a pro!

Step 1: Cut the Stems

Cut an inch off the stems using a sharp knife, especially if the flowers will sit a while before being arranged. The fresh cut will help the stems absorb water better. Don’t be afraid to cut tall flowers very short. Playing with scale can give even a solitary bloom a lot of impact – imagine looking down into the face of a single sunflower in a low, round bud vase.

Step 2: Remove Leaves

You’ll definitely want to remove any leaves that will fall below the waterline in your chosen vase.

Step 3: Use Similar Colors and Fill-in

This is where the creativity comes in. Mix in different textures for a monochromatic arrangement that’s interesting to look at. Rule of thumb given to me by a Florist friend – it’s best to add in odd numbers. Save larger leaves and stems with leaves on them to fill in around the flowers. Drape some of the greenery over the container’s rim.

Step 4: Hack Your Vase

If you just can’t get that “look” you want, jump ship and fiddle with your vase instead. Use florist’s foam to keep flowers in place and constantly hydrated so they last longer. Soak the foam for 15 minutes before cutting it to fit the container. Water the foam every couple of days.

Step 5: Keep Them Cool and Alive

Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight or any other sources of heat. You should also keep them away from drafty or breezy areas. You can re-cut the stems and change the water often, even daily. Make sure you remove debris from the water and remove any wilted flowers to avoid contamination. Don’t forget to replenish your flower food when you change the water. You can trim the stems every three days.