Packing for summer camp can be a daunting task. Making sure you and your children have packed the essentials is a challenge that may cause you to forget to pack fun items. Here is a small list of some items your child can live without while at camp, but won’t want to, written by eHow.

Camp exists for the purpose of teaching children and teens about nature, interpersonal relationships and themselves. Coming up with a few fun things to bring to camp can make a big difference in the overall quality of the experience by generating laughs, stimulating healthy bonding and creating memories that will be remembered for years to come.


You are never too cool to pack bubbles in your camp bag. You will be everyone’s hero when you pull them out around the campfire. Before popping, the bubbles will reflect the light from the fire brilliantly and everyone will “oooh” and “ahhh.” Your bubbles will also be a big hit at morning camp circles when the entire group is together and in need of an energy boost.

Playing Cards

During quiet time, you will earn big points with fellow campers if you pull out a pack of playing cards. Whether you play Go Fish, Spoons or Poker, cards are a terrific way to pull everyone together and create some memories. Since camp is a rustic setting, you would be wise to pack plastic or vinyl cards, as they are more durable than the cheaper cards made of coated paper.

Temporary Tattoos

This may seem like a silly suggestion, but after a few days of bonding, campers will be thrilled when you pull out temporary tattoos for all to share. If your cabin mates agree to apply their tattoos at the same time before lunch one day, you will be the talk of the entire cafeteria. This is a fun way to foster unity in your individual cabin and to create photo opportunities as well.

Disposable Camera

While a high-end digital camera may have terrific resolution, it is also vulnerable to damage in rustic camp settings. A disposable camera is cheap and easy to fit into your camp bag. Be sure to get close to whatever you are aiming at and to pay special attention to composition, as disposable cameras do not have any of the fancy features (i.e. zoom, crop) that digital models have. Capture fun camp moments with your disposable camera so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Stay Cool

Camp cabins don’t have air conditioning, and summer nights can be hot. Some packing lists include, “Fan, and extension cord.” Our advice: instead of fighting over an outlet, buy a decent battery-powered fan. The ones with the clip can be clipped to the bed for direct air-flow. Extra batteries are, of course, a must.

Do you have any other suggestions on awesome toys or items to bring to camp? If so, share your ideas in the comments box below!