5 Clever Lunch-Packing Tips

Packing school lunches can be quite the chore. It is the last thing on your mind during those busy school mornings. Try out these 5 clever lunch-packing tips to make this chore a total breeze!

Pack the Night Before

This is one of the most common tips, but it is a handy one! To avoid rushing in the morning, pre-pack lunches the night before and put it in your child’s lunch bag in the AM.

Meal Prep

Before the next school week starts, spend some time putting together the refrigerated parts of your child’s lunch. This way you will have lunches set for the entire week!

Container with Dividers

Instead of making your child carry around multiple containers and multiplying dirty dishes, invest is a container with dividers. Check these ones out available at Pottery Barn.

Snack Station

Create a “snack station” with pre-bagged goodies for your children to grab and for you to easily pick from when preparing their lunches.

Add a Sweet Note

Add a little note your child’s lunch for some daily encouragement! Our Lil’ Dose of Love Labels are a cute way to show your kids you’re thinking of them.

These are just a few tips on how to pack lunches efficiently. Comment below if you have any more tips and tricks to share with fellow parents!