5 Campfire Games the Whole Family will Enjoy!

Camping is a great getaway for families. You get to unplug, relax, and spend quality time with one another. One of the best parts of this family getaway is the relaxing campfires that you have the opportunity to enjoy every night (depending on weather and possible fire bans, of course). But, these campfires can get pretty boring for the kids if you don’t have lots to talk about or there isn’t someone strumming their guitar. To keep the kids from getting restless and your family entertained, try out these simple, but fun, campfire games that will surely be a blast!

Add to the Story

For this game, one person starts the story, and the next person adds on to it and so on – this makes for some really funny stories.

NOTE: You can make a limit to how many words players can add on – for example: each player can only add 3 words to the story

I Won’t Laugh

This one is simple too, but it is a lot of fun! For this game, you must split up into two teams. When it is one team’s turn, they will choose someone from the other team who will have to sit alone while members of the opposing team try to make them laugh. Someone will have to time this to see who holds off from laughing the longest.

Tell Me a Secret

Or also commonly known as “telephone.” For this game, one player begins by whispering a “secret” in the person’s ear to their right. You want the secret to be fairly difficult so it will be tough to repeat each time around. Once you reach the last player, they must say the secret out loud to see how the secret has evolved and changed.

Guess that Tune

It is handy to have a musician with a guitar for this game, but humming works just as great! Choose a theme based on the age of the players – nursery rhymes for younger players or songs from a particular decade. One player must hum the tune and whoever guesses first wins that round.

NOTE: You can also break up into teams for this one, and the team with the most points at the end, wins!

Backward Alphabet

This one is more fun and confusing than you may think. Players must take turns reciting the alphabet backwards and whoever does the fastest, wins!