The end of the school year is just around the corner! With all the excitement of another fun-filled summer on its way, let’s not forget to show some love to the teachers who made this school year so wonderful. Here are 5 awesome gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to those terrific teachers!



Yummy treats are always a good idea! Your favourite teacher can enjoy theirs over the summer or bring back to hide store in their desk the following school year.

Make it cute by putting it in a fancy cup like B-InspiredMama did here! A little ribbon and a sweet note add the finishing touch.

Gift Card

Some might say that gift cards are impersonal… But, I think everyone would agree that they’re definitely practical. I’m sure your child’s teacher would be thrilled to receive one to a coffee shop or even the bookstore!

To add a personalized touch, create a unique card to double as a gift card holder as well as a place to write out a nice thank you note like Eighteen25 did here!


Frame an inspirational or funny quote

Retailers like Chapters and Amazon have tons of gorgeous prints with lovely quotes, like this beauty here.  All you need to do is buy a complimentary frame for it and it’s ready to gift.

Alternatively, if you and your kids are up for some DIY, you can make this awesome gift yourself! There are loads of quotes to be found on the internet – some inspirational, others funny, and some that are downright hilarious. Find one that you think would be a hit with your favourite teacher. To make the print really pop, download some interesting-looking free fronts at and play around with the text. Change up the colours on the text, then print and put into a frame. Consider leaving a note with the gift to encourage your child’s teacher to place the frame on their desk to help bring a smile to their face throughout the school year.



Beautiful flowers are always a great gift idea! Whether fresh cut in a pretty arrangement or potted like Snippets of Creations has done here.  This pretty darn cute potted flower with a note that reads “Thank you for helping Nicolas grow” is a wonderful way to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate all they’ve done.


A perfect, thoughtful “thank you” gift for your child’s teacher to show your appreciation and help them stay organized! Teacher Label Packs are $19.95/ 67 labels. Check out all our designs here!


Bonus Free Printable!

To make your appreciation gift that much more special, check out our free printable here!  Have your kids get in on all the love and appreciation for their favourite teacher by filling in the blanks and making it colourful.


Have some great gift ideas you think teachers would love? Share them in the comments below!