It’s all about the angle – and when it comes to angles, the subtle the better. Let’s not go back to the MySpace selfies where our cameras are angled way above our heads. Let’s not do the opposite either – where your phone is way below our chins because believe it or not, our chins are not meant to take the spotlight. Ideally, we want to have our phone facing in front of us, slightly angling down so that our phone is mildly looking down on us.


If possible, position yourself within reach of sunlight because natural light is always better. It brightens our face while minimizing shadows. If you don’t have natural light around you (like when you’re at a heavily dim restaurant or somewhere dark), you can always use Snapchat’s flash – it lights up the screen without actually accessing your phone’s flash. You can also use a soft light for a more dramatic effect, such as a candle light. Just try to avoid using your phone’s harsh light.

Your Face

You may have already experimented which position looks best. We all have our “photogenic side”, so let’s embrace it. If you haven’t yet, feel free to explore! For most people, tilting their head a bit down works best.


If you have the proper lighting, you normally won’t necessarily have to edit your selfies – but if you’re looking to jazz it up a bit, it’s pretty obvious when someone edits their selfie too much so let’s not overdo it.

Now, time to spice up our Instagram feeds! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a lot of photos of yourself, but personally, I try to have a good mix of photos with other people, landscape shots, etc.

Let’s go have some selfie fun!