There are so many things to love about April! Here are my top 4:

  1. Flowers starting to bloom! I love putting time aside for my garden during the weekends – I really do find it therapeutic. Although the hot weather isn’t entirely here yet, April weather gets me so excited to prep my garden stuff!
  2. End of school! For those of you who have college/university kids, the end of April means that the kiddos come home! They may dispute the new routine you have going on since they’ve been gone but you gotta admit you miss them!
  3. Picnic season is starting! I LOVE picnics. There’s nothing like enjoying good food outdoors on a nice warm day with your family. I can smell the steaks cooking now!
  4. April showers bring FREE CAR WASHES! There’s always a silver lining in everything. Such as getting free car washes in April. 🙂