For any child, their first night away from home can be nerve-wracking. This is especially true for first-time overnight campers; who will not only be sleeping in an unfamiliar place but a place with different meal set-up and new people. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help your child be prepared for these new experiences. Here are three tried and tested helpful tips we have used over the years:

1: Camp is a very busy place, where there is a lot going on at all times. Your child will be expected to keep to the daily camp schedule.  Which includes meal times and various activities during the day. Be sure your child is comfortable and ready for this. It helps to create your own schedule in the weeks leading up to camp to help them prepare (if this is not something you already do!).

2: Your child will also need to be able to take care of themselves. This includes unpacking their own bag, making their bed, general hygiene such as brushing teeth and bathing alone, and sorting their own laundry if the camp offers the service. Also, make sure your child knows to speak to their counselors if they aren’t feeling well, feeling homesick, or feel like their needs aren’t being met. The counselors have seen it all before – they know how to take care of the campers and they are there to help!

3: Most importantly, make sure you make the overnight camp a positive experience! Read through the brochure with your child, explore the website, pack together; these are all things which can make all the difference once your child is on their own at camp. Let them know how they can contact you while they’re there to reassure them.