14 Random Fun Facts you probably did not know about Lovable Labels

  1. Lovable Labels was started in the founder’s basement back in 2003 and was only going to be a “side hobby” at that time.
  2. Wearing PJ’s to the office is often the norm, especially in Winter.
  3. “Pheilia” is the most common “uncommon” name we’ve seen.
  4. When we are busy packing orders we typically like to listen to 90’s throw-back songs – can anyone say “Backstreet Boys!”
  5. We read each and every comment left on orders by customers.
  6. Tim Horton’s makes our office go round and round.
  7. We often hold “Fun Days” for our team which include a pumpkin carving contest and a “why I appreciate you” day – always accompanied with food and goodies of course!
  8. Lovable Labels has made enough labels to reach the peak of Mount Everest 100 times!
  9. Some of the furthest countries we shipped labels to were Norway, Gibraltar, Singapore, Finland, Albania, Haiti, Malta, Italy, Turkey, Kuwait and Thailand!
  10. During the months of July and August we start working on orders as early as possible and many of our summer students start the day off with popsicles!
  11. This year our top selling designs were the Emoji’s, followed by Manga! Our customers have good taste!
  12. We select a “customer of the day” each and every day and add extra goodies in their order to let them know we think they are super special!
  13. We are the #1 label company in Lebanon! Who knew!?
  14. We are proudly Canadian made company!