While we’d all love to go on a week-long trip to an exotic island, for most of us, this isn’t an option every year. Planning ahead will ensure that your family still has fun enjoying time together – without breaking the bank. Here are ten ideas to enjoy your Spring Break this year!

1. Get outside!
Take advantage of the break from your family’s daily routine and get outdoors. Live in a cooler climate? Enjoy activities like tobogganing, skiing, skating or building a snowman before the snow has melted for the year.  If it’s warmer where you are, get out on a boat and enjoy the water. Or, take your family on a hike or bike ride.

2. Check out a live show
There are usually lots of kid-friendly shows or performances going on during Spring break at a theatre close to home. Search the web to find one that interests your family and buy your tickets early – before the good ones sell out!

3. Visit an indoor playground
Kids love running around, jumping in ball pits and bouncing on trampolines. There’s sure to be at least one center near-by. And, usually during Spring break, these indoor playgrounds will offer special promotions like “buy one, get one half off.” Be sure to look online for coupons or ask the staff before paying.

4. Get crafty!
Going out every day can get expensive. Spend some time indoors making crafts with your young ones. Head to the dollar store to load up on materials for cheap. Then, as a family, get busy painting, cutting, gluing – mastering the art of family crafting! (You could even work on creating a large family tree and familiarize members of your extended family to your children.)

5. Go to the library
Visit the library as a family to check out some new reading material. There are often event days happening during Spring Break, so plan ahead accordingly! Afterwards, consider enjoying a picnic lunch at a park near-by or stop by your favourite restaurant for a sit down meal.

6. Go to a movie
Kids love going to the movies. There’s something that fills the air with excitement every time. Take the family to check out a flick your kids have wanted to see. Consider going on dates that offer reduced pricing, or to a theatre that screens older movies (this will be less expensive, especially if you have a larger family!).

7. Plan a family movie night at home
If going to the theatre isn’t an option, consider planning a family movie night at home. Check out a new release on Netflix, or borrow a DVD from a family member or friend that your clan hasn’t seen. Then, get out the popcorn and treats, turn the lights off and enjoy the film together!

8. Plan a playdate
Before Spring break starts, have your child(ren) invite a classmate over for an afternoon during the break. Write a letter (to the classmate’s parent) asking to schedule a playdate and offer your contact information so the parent can get in touch with you to firm up the details.

9. Get baking!
Kids love helping out in the kitchen – especially when that means baking up some delicious treats! Stock up on a few ingredients for your family’s favourite cupcakes or brownies, that way you’ll have everything ready to go if boredom kicks in one afternoon. Your kids will enjoy mixing, decorating and, of course, eating your home made goods!

10. Plan a quick road trip
Plan an overnight trip to another city near-by. Kids love road trips – drive to a city close by that your family either loves or would love to visit for the first time. Rent a room at a hotel for the night (preferably one with a pool!) and enjoy your few days away from home. Your kids will love the excitement of sleeping away from home and taking in the new sights.


What are your family’s favourite things to do during Spring Break? Comment below!