February is a month of love. After spending time with your partner for Valentine’s Day, it’s only right that you also spend time with your gals! Galentine’s Day can and should be celebrated anytime, especially since you all probably have busy lifestyles.

I’ve scoured the internet and gathered some of the best (in my opinion) ideas of how to spend time with your gals (of course, after finding someone to watch the kids)!

  1. A fancy potluck (or a dessert potluck!) – set it up to be Insta-worthy because let’s be honest, we all know that’s what we’re really having this potluck for.
  2. No Phone Night – gather everyone’s phones and immerse yourselves in each other’s presence. It can take a lot for all of you to get together (given that you all may have busy or clashing schedules), so why not take this time to catch up?
  3. Give each other makeovers – hey, we’re never too old for this.
  4. Dedicate an event or the whole day using coupons. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than having fun and not feeling guilty of how much you’ve spent!
  5. Or you can go on a shopping spree, because hey – those cute shoes are on sale and you know you’ve been eyeing them.
  6. Go to a spa – massages, manis and pedis are never bad.
  7. Play a drinking game – like taking a shot for every time someone says the word ‘work’.
  8. Bake some cute little pastries to post on social media (you know I’m not lying).
  9. Have a wine tasting party. Cheese and wine, yes please!
  10. Watching Chick Flicks because we all have expectations.