Blueberry popsicles made from blueberries and yogurt. Extreme shallow depth of field with selective focus on  popsicle in front.

You Pop, We All Pop For Yogurt Pops!

When it’s a hot summer day the first treat we usually think of is a popsicle, a frozen fruit flavoured snack that kids love. Why not try a frozen yogurt pop instead? They’re easy to make and a much healthier alternative to the sugar filled store bought popsicles. To make […]

Boys (8-9 years) standing on catamaran.  Focus on African American boy.

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Go To Camp!

Summer camp can be one of the most rewarding, unforgettable experiences in a child’s life. Camp provides children with a community of caring mentors who provide experiential education that leads to self-respect and appreciation for life. All of the outcomes—friendships, overcoming challenges, staying healthy and building character— prepare them for […]

Child with scarf

What I Learned From Being Me

This section of ‘what I learned’ was one of the hardest. It took some serious thought but it also forced me to take a hard look at myself and allow me to appreciate things about my personality that some people (including myself) have consider flawed. I’m Moody But that doesn’t […]